Thursday, October 21, 2010

MouseHunt: Halloween Trick and Treat Event

The Halloween Treat and Trick event began on 20th October 2010. The event was not same as what to expect last year Halloween, only to catch Hollowhead mouse (limited edition) running rampant all around the Kingdom.

Quotes from Dave Vanderburg (MH developer):

Attention all MouseHunters!

An insane mouse has proclaimed itself to be the King of Halloween and has setup a spooky obstacle to protect itself from hunters! The King needs your help to explore this new haunted area and track down the pesky mouse at the heart of it all!

In order to fully explore the Haunted Terrortories of Gnawnia, you'll need plenty of Ghoulgonzola and Candy Corn Cheese. You can collect these two new types of cheese by visiting up to 10 of your friends' hunter profiles a day to go Trick-or-Treating. Just click the "Trick-or-Treat" button to discover if your friend decided to trick, or treat you! You'll receive Ghoulgonzola for a trick, and Candy Corn Cheese for a treat. You can also collect both of these flavours of cheese by hunting mutated or Hollowhead mice at the Haunted Terrortories.

During the Halloween event Ghoulgonzola and Candy Corn cheese carry a very high attraction rate in not only the Haunted Terrortories, but many other hunting locations in the Kingdom. Their ability to attract mice is closely tied to the magic of the Haunted Terroroties, meaning they will be slightly less powerful when the Halloween event ends.

When you arrive at the Haunted Terrortories you'll notice two new progress bars on your heads-up-display. These progress bars are filled by catching mice using Ghoulgonzola and Candy Corn Cheese. Trick AND treat enough mice to fill both bars in your current location to attract mice from the next! You TRICK mice using Ghoulgonzola and TREAT them with Candy Corn Cheese.

You'll have to trick and treat your way through the Corn Maze, into the Haunted Manor and finally to the Pumpkin Patch where the Trick, Treat and Gourdborg mice await you!

What sort of haunted loot waits for you at the end of your journey? With a little farming knowledge, an evil pumpkin seed from the Gourdborg mouse can be used to create a spooky (and shadowy) limited edition trap that will let you hunt with fearsome Halloween style! Rumor even has it that with some creative crafting an even more fearsome trap can be constructed...

There's more Halloween fun yet! Gifting is up and running and features a limited edition Pumpkin Treat Basket to celebrate Halloween! Who knows what treats could be inside?

Let the trick-or-treating begin! Have fun and happy haunting MouseHunters!
The Haunted Terrortories consist of three unique areas; The Corn Maze, The Haunted Manor and the Pumpkin Patch.Watch out for Hollowhead mouse to drop 2 loots of different cheese: Ghoulgonzola & Candy Corn.
Therefore, Mutated Grey mouse & Mutated White mouse also drop Candy Corn & Ghoulgonzola respectively.
Ghoulgonzola (left) is used for Tricked Mice & Candy Corn (right) is used for Treated Mice.
The 4 event mice are released for a limited time.The 2 new traps are also released with recipes together.Reminder:
Be prepare to keep your gold to purchase a new Pumpkin Pummeler Blueprint cost 168,000 gold which appears in Haunted Terrortories General Store.

The event ended on 2nd November 2010, so every hunters had a great hunting to get a rare mice dropping its loots.

Happy Hunting!! :)

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